Friday, July 22, 2011

Once Upon A Mattress

Our first production at Huntington University this semester is Once Upon A Mattress, and I couldn't be more excited about realizing my first studio space scenic design. I hope it will allow for the students to learn and grow through a variety of design and production roles and responsibilities. I am currently preparing to create a ground plan and 1/2 " scale model for the space. I have drawn a rough sketch and created a digital model using Vectorworks. (Being a lighting designer, I prefer that program at this point to AutoCAD. I hope someday I will prefer both depending on what project I am working on.)

Here is the sketch...

Here is the digital model...

I still have some learning to do regarding rendering, but I am definitely getting closer and closer to feeling like I am mastering the program. I just hope I can get there before the software takes another giant leap forward.

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